Purpose permeates through you. It has been written on your life from the moment you were first imagined. You entered this world bursting with purpose and a meaning for your life. Many people search for this purpose. Somewhere in life we lose sight of our purpose, and we look long and hard for a new one. You look for a meaning for your existence. Some kind of success or victory. You want to feel fulfilled, so you go on journeys and try new things. You meet amazing people and you make an impact on someone. And maybe that is your purpose. But, when you do something great, you keep searching. Waiting for more revelation and contentment. There must be something else.

You have a purpose. You were made for something. You were made for Him. Your hands, your feet, it was all created for His glory. You are not going to fail or fall short of this. You don’t have to keep searching or trying to do better. You don’t have to fight for your place in this world because your Father has created a place for you, and He has set you in that place. You were made for Him. You glorify Him just by being. He has many plans for you and wants to use you to make a change in this world, but you don’t have to strive for it. He wants you to thrive and succeed, but that comes after you realize that you were made for a simple reason. You have a purpose. You will have an impact. You were made for Him.

No matter what happens in your life or how many choices you make, your identity will never change. The purpose for living that you have today will not be different tomorrow or the day after or even at the end of your life. This is a crucial part to understanding and receiving the grace of God. He doesn’t want you to feel lost or like a failure, and He certainly doesn’t want you get your satisfaction and value from the world. He wants you to look at Him and realize that you were created in His image for His glory. He is pleased with you and admires you. That is where you get your recognition and your fulfillment. In His eyes you are already a masterpiece. He is so proud of you. He urges you to rest in what He has called you to be. He has called you to be yourself. To be the person He created you to be, because to God, that is enough. You are enough.

The world is going to tell you something different. The enemy is using subtle lies to tell you that you haven’t reached the goal of your life yet, or even that your life doesn’t matter. There are many things around us that tell us we can’t understand this life and the place we have in it. There is a Spiritual battle going on in our lives through the voices in our head that tell us we will always be a failure and the voice of the world that tries to tell us where it thinks our purpose comes from. But you don’t have to listen to those voices anymore. Listen to the Words of truth coming from a Father who loves you and accepts you just as you are. Receive His affirmation and His calling in your life. Speak this truth over you and remember that your purpose is simple. It is to Be. Enjoy who God made you to be and praise Him for His glorious work.