Understanding your value can be confusing and frustrating. How can you measure how much you’re worth? Looking around it might seem to depend on your money, your success, responsibility, family, experiences, or even, your personality or genuine kindness. But I do not believe that any of these things make a person valuable. Nothing in this world, not even what you find in yourself, creates any value in you. It has nothing to do with what you have done, but what has been done for you.

The moment that Christ died for you is the moment your life was given value. God GAVE His son for you. Jesus PAID the price. That means that you are worth saving, even to death. Jesus gave Himself as a ransom. “The man Christ Jesus, who gave Himself as a ransom for all – 1 Timothy 2:5-6”. How amazing is that truth. We were in the hands of sin, worthless and dead, but Jesus had so much love for us that He gave Himself up and traded His life for ours so that we could be free.

And that is where you can find your value. When you look at the sacrifice that God made for you, you know that you are worth something. In fact, you are priceless. This world will lie about where you find your value, and it will fail. Any kind of value you find in the world will fall short. It will waste away and lose it’s value as all things in this life do. But the price paid on the cross is eternally true. It’s something that you already have obtained. Your value can’t be tainted by your failures or the sin in your life. It is separate and far above the things in this world. It is pure and will stay pure. Let yourself believe that you are valuable, and know that you are loved by the Creator of the Universe.